Monday, October 13, 2014

God's Gracious Harvest

Food grows in our backyard
I have alluded to my lack of gardening knowledge before.  This summer, we actually dared to plant SEEDS in our garden.  And then the chickens came in and ate or scattered most of them.  We did harvest a few carrots.    Late in the summer, there were even a couple of cucumbers discovered.  Two zucchini plants still thrived - of course.  And it has been so fun to be making dinner and ask a child to go grab a zucchini or two from the garden.

Before we moved into this house (7 years ago), the previous owners planted some lovely food producers in our backyard.  Peach trees, apple tree, blackberry bushes, and grape vines.  I love that my children can be playing in the backyard, and grab themselves a snack of delicious concord grapes.  I know they've been eating blackberries when their faces and clothes are a purply-blue color.  

We have added a few more fruit trees and some raspberry canes.  I am looking forward to seeing those produce soon.  And now that the chickens have a new, functional (securely closing) coop, we may even be able to plant a garden from seeds next year.

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  1. Jennifer I want your pita recipe - sounds like we need another sharing time in the kitchen. :) Kristine